When Life Trumps Blogging

I heard someone say recently that she had so many blogging things to post one day, but life got in the way.  Rather, she worded it “life trumped blogging”.  If blogging ever trumps life, blogging needs to go away.

I have had the unmerited pleasure and great honor to spend the last few days with a dear, dear friend and her children before they move a days drive away from us.  We were able to get together with a few of our lady friends for a last night out together.  I was then able to help out another friend who was caring for our friends girls while she is in the middle of moving.  We ended the evening with an impromptu pizza party at our house with lots of happy and laughing children — and moms too!  We followed this up by blessing another friend with a surprise chocolate treat and birthday serenade.  Finally, our three 10 year old girls were able to have a last night together sleepover.  I was able to capture some breathtaking pictures of the three great friends!

All of this to say, I would much rather have this blessed life trump a blogging recipe any day.  So, I have no new recipe to share with you today!  Enjoy your Thursday.  I plan to have a giveaway posted tomorrow…unless life trumps that too 🙂

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  1. Thank you for coming by Beautifully Rooted! What an awesome treasure to soak up time with friends before their new journey. Have a wonderful week!

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