What are “allergy-friendly” foods?

I realized that I have been throwing around the term “allergy-friendlyfoods a lot, but I’ve never actually defined what that means.

Essentially, “allergy-friendly” foods are foods or recipes that do not contain the top eight most common allergens.  This list is certainly not exhaustive as you can be allergic to just about any food.

The eight most common allergens are:

  1. dairy
  2. peanut
  3. egg
  4. soy
  5. wheat
  6. tree nut
  7. shellfish
  8. fish

Typically, when I speak of allergy-friendly foods as it pertains to my home, I also include “corn” in this list because it is an allergen that we avoid and it seems to be in many foods (I wonder if allergy to corn is also on the rise due to this fact?).

While “gluten” is not on this list, many of the recipes that I share are by nature gluten-free or can be made so with very easy substitutions.

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