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I realized the other day that I’ve never given an “official” tour of The Willing Cook.  There have been some upgrades and additions lately, so this is the perfect time to show you around.

On the home page, you will find the basic introduction to the website as well as the last 10 blog posts.  Across the top are the various tabs (discussed below).  The sidebar has a number of important features as well.

  1. “Search” bar is an easy way to navigate through the website by entering a single word.  For example, if you’re interested in the benefits of probiotics, simply type in the word “probiotics” and the appropriate post(s) will come up.
  2. “Welcome” with brief intro to The Willing Cook.
  3. Google Ad. This is my sole source of revenue at this time. Per google, I am not allowed to click on my own ad, but you can click as many times as you want.  I get paid a very meager amount per so many clicks.
  4. “Must Read” – These are posts that I feel are important places to start when first visiting The Willing Cook.  They are also quick clicks if you need a reference or reminder on a certain issue.
  5. “Browse” is the list of categories under which each post is placed.  If you are looking for a particular subject, this is a good place to start.  It helps keep everything organized.
  6. “Series” is a one-click view to all the posts in a particular series, easily recognizable by a graphic.  There will be more of these in the future.  For now, we have the exciting series on “Frugal Food Allergy Living,” how to be frugal or stick to a budget when living with food allergies.
  7. “Resources” is essentially my blogroll.  These are the places that I find inspiration and feel they are important enough to share with you.
  8. – Some websites that I follow have their own “buttons” or graphic that you can load onto your own site.  These buttons allow you to click on the graphic and go straight to the website.  MSM is such a site, but more than that, I find this site to be one of the most inspirational to me.  While it is not geared toward food allergies, Crystal’s story and frugal lifestyle is quite inspiring.  Plus, she has lots of great tips for living within your means for a greater purpose.  I highly encourage all of you to follow her daily.
  9. “Special Features” – this is where I guess I get to toot my own horn.  If I am featured on other sites and there is a graphic for such a feature, this is where you can find that.  It is humbling and a privilege to be featured by other bloggers and websites.
  10. “Subscribe” – Many people have a hard time remembering to return to a website or blog to see if it has been updated.  This feature makes it very easy to know when a new post goes up.  Simply submit your email address (this will never be used for spamming, marketing, etc.) and you will receive a notice in your inbox when there is a new post.  Simple and useful!
  11. “Guest Posts” – You have all been reading “Our Allergy Story” over the past few months, now I want to hear “Your Allergy Story.”  These are suggested guidelines that I came up with to make the process simple on your end and mine.  I hope that each of you will consider submitting a guest post.  I would like it to be related to food allergies or food-related issues, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.
  12. Click on “Recipes” for printer-friendly list of most of the recipes featured on The Willing Cook.  I have recently edited this tab so that you can view recipes by category (breakfast, dinner, dessert – more will be added as needed), then click on the specific recipe to view and print.
  13. Please note Star 1: The recipes that you click on are the recipes only without any discussion (more printer-friendly).  When initially posted, these recipes typically had additional notes on them regarding techniques that I used or special ingredient substitutions, reader comments, etc.  Furthermore, I sometimes do recipe or product reviews, topical food discussions (ex., lunch ideas) and more that will not be included in this “Recipes” tab.  You can find all of this as it was originally posted on the sidebar in the “Browse…” category under “Recipes.”  Ok, did that make sense?
  14. Star 2: This is sort of a “disclaimer” to always read all food labels and to be aware of possible cross-contaminations.
  15. “Substitutions” tab – It is basically what it says.  This is an easy click of the mouse to see what substitutions I have found to work best for the top food allergens.  When you first start out cooking allergy-free food, this is an important resource to have on hand.
  16. Finally, the remaining tabs are…
    • “Home” – Click tab to get back to the main page.
    • About” – Gives you more information on who we are and what we do at The Willing Cook.
    • Disclaimer” – I have to do this so that no one gets harmed at my hands.  It encourages you to be smart about how you treat food allergies.
    • Testimonials” – I included this tab, not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you as to the benefits of this site for yourself and/or those you know who suffer from food allergies, or are simply interested in the variety of topics featured here.  Please share The Willing Cook with your family and friends!

One last point.  If you put a comment on any of the posts, I try to always respond to your comment.  It has just been recently set up to send you an email notification when there is a response to your comment.  So, if you’ve made comments in the past, I have responded.  If you make comments in the future and do not receive an email notification, please let me know.

And that’s it!  You can now consider yourself well-informed as to the ins-and-outs of The Willing Cook website. Any questions?

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