Our Allergy Home: Business Side, part 3

What’s in a name?

You read last week how The Willing Cook blog came to be, but what about the name.  As I mentioned, I obsessed over many of the minute details of this new plan, so what better to obsess over than the name.

When naming something that has meaning, one typically chooses wisely (or so you would hope).  The name of a child or a pet or even a business should be named in such a way that it holds some significance to you, and even perhaps, to others.  Or, at least, that’s how I approached my new business adventure.

So, I thought, “What do I want this name to say? What are the basic criteria?”

  1. I’d love to be able to fit my son’s name into it somehow because he is the reason my life has gone down this narrow path.
  2. It has to be about cooking or allergies or kitchen or things in the kitchen or anything else that is remotely close to feeding people who have food allergies.

I started thinking of some names that I thought would work very nice, but EVERY domain name on the face of the earth is taken! Seriously.  And, no, I do not want to pay $5k for your domain name that you’re not even using!

I got out the old trusty Thesaurus (well, webster.com) and started coming up with every word out there that has to with food, cooking, allergies, kitchens, utilities, products, etc., etc.  And I wrote down every adjective that was, well, descriptive.  And, don’t forget the verbs and adverbs.  I then went through every combination of these words imaginable, only to discover that some creative person already came up with the name.  I worked off and on for months trying to come up with a name.

But, on one cold, winter afternoon, in a flash…I thought of it…“The Willing Cook.” Surely, this one has been taken because it’s a good name (in my humble opinion) and it’s easy to remember and wait…it includes my son’s name!  I know it is gone!!!  Wait…wait..it is NOT gone! I could not believe it.

I immediately called my techy-husband, he said, “Yep, that’s it! I’ll buy it right now.”  Bought. Done. Phew.  I can now move on to the next thing on my list over which to obsess.

So, yes, the derivation of the name is nothing special.  Some might call it “happenchance.”  I call it divine intervention! Seriously.  Why divine intervention? Well, for one, the domain was available.  Two, because it perfectly fit into my criteria stated above.  And more than that, it has a very deep meaning to me.

What does the name “The Willing Cook” mean to me?

  1. My son! I would not be on this business endeavor/adventure if he had no food allergy issues.  Now, I would certainly prefer his life to be allergy-free!  The fear that engulfs me when he says, “Mommy, I think I just drank my sister’s milk” or “Mommy, my throat and tummy hurt”‘ can be absolutely overwhelming.  But, it is what it is.  I hope that this trial in our family can be turned into a blessing for many others who need this resource in their own family.
  2. The “willing” part of the name also gets at my role on this journey.  At the top of my priority list, I desire to serve my family.  Not like a doormat servant, but as a service to those for whom I love and seek their best.  So, what am I willing to do to for them? Am I willing to make sacrifices of my own food preferences? Am I willing to make sacrifices of my time because a particular recipe needs a number of ingredient substitutions? Am I willing to pay extra money at the grocery store to pay for the higher priced products that my family requires? Am I willing to think outside the box on recipes in order to manipulate and make them taste good? Am I willing to step beyond the fear of cooking for my food allergy family? Am I willing to trust in the Lord for his grace and mercy in all my endeavors? Oh, Lord, help me to be willing!

This is what “The Willing Cook” means to me.

What does it mean to you? Do you see yourself as a willing cook or are you holding back somewhere out of fear or bitterness? The Willing Cook might just help you and those you know step outside your fears and other hindrances and get you on the path to serving your family and enjoying food again.  So, please share The Willing Cook with others.

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