The Willing Cook Meal Plan, Coming in 2012!

Yep, that’s right!  The big reveal that was the original idea behind The Willing Cook website is finally going to be launched in early 2012.  The software development is complete (although there may be some tweaking once it’s launched).  Now, we are just waiting on some legal details to be firmed up.

A customizable food allergy meal plan membership that gives you access to a weekly meal plan with recipes, grocery list, recipe submission, discussion forums, and more.  Even better, you can customize it to your food allergy needs (for at least all the top allergens, gluten, and corn).  Is your family allergic to egg, dairy, corn, and peanuts?  No problem!  None of your meal plans will contain those allergens.  If you don’t have any food allergies, that is no problem either.  You can still become a member and receive healthy, well-balanced meals week after week.  Well, you get the idea…more to come as soon as all the details are complete.

The reason why I decided to go ahead and reveal the Willing Cook Meal Plan is because some of you may be resolving in 2012 to do better at meal planning, get your family on a safer and more manageable food allergy diet, and stay on a strict budget.  The Willing Cook will be able to help you with this goal.  Just hang on a bit longer for all the program details.  In the meantime, you can always see what is on our weekly food allergy meal plan.  If you’re still considering the idea of meal planning but haven’t decided on the benefits, read my case for meal planning for some of the advantages.

Have you decided to take on meal planning for 2012? Do you need to tighten the belt on your food budget? Or do you really need to get serious about avoiding food allergies? I’d love to hear if you have a need for The Willing Cook Meal Plan.

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4 Responses to The Willing Cook Meal Plan, Coming in 2012!

  1. Kristi says:

    This Meal Planning software sounds amazing! I can’t wait! I found out this past summer that and dairy and meat make me really, really sick. It has always kinda given me trouble but this summer it kicked up to a whole new level. Will there be an way to use the software for very minimal animal products?

    • Cook says:

      Thank you for your support, Kristi. Many of the dishes I make can be made vegetarian, or swapped with other meats. Initially, I will only be able to exclude the top allergens plus a few extras, but I hope to eventually be able to make it so specific to people’s diets that anything can be excluded. I just need to get it up and running at this point 🙂

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