When I found out all the foods that made my son very sick, I froze.  I was scared of hurting him, so I quit cooking for my family altogether.  My son only ate a few things that were allowed and he received a nutrient rich formula made specially for him.  He was not able to eat lunch with his friends at school.  I had to be at school everyday to administer his special food to him.

When you approached me about making something special for my son on your daughter’s birthday, I was touched.  Upon talking with you, I relayed that I had gone to the extreme of not cooking, out of fear.  I discovered that a resource like The Willing Cook could help me feed the needs of my entire family.  I was so excited to hear about the development and launch of this website  because it offers real hope to people who fear hurting their loved ones.

(paraphrase testimonial from Roseann)

Please let me know when you have your website up and running.  My nephew has food allergies and my sister desperately needs help.  I know she could really use your service.

(paraphrase testimonial from Kathleen)

Just wanted to take a minute to say I think it’s awesome what you’re doing with the Willing Cook.  [My nephew] is allergic to EVERYTHING under the sun and they have a really hard time coming up with things for him to eat. I’ve had to watch him miss out on everything from easter candy to his own birthday cake since he was born and it always breaks my heart when I see the sad look on his face when he’s told he can’t eat what everyone else is eating. I brought the WC to [my brother’s] attention yesterday and they are going to start referring to it for meals immediately. You’re really making a difference in the lives of people and I commend you for it. Thank you!!

(testimonial from Hunter)

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