Summer Vacations and Food Allergies: The Trip

If you missed last week’s post, we discussed the important steps in preparation for summer vacation and food allergies.  Be sure to read it.  This week, we move on to living and enjoying the trip, while being cautious to avoid any allergy mishaps.

  • #1 most important: Never ASSUME food is okay.  There is a chance that it is okay and there is a chance that it isn’t.  Do you want to take the risk? Either bring food to a restaurant from your hotel or vacation house or stick with the restaurants that you know without a doubt are safe.
  • Always carry your emergency medications with you.  Be careful where you keep them.  There are temperature storage ranges and they are not supposed to be left in a hot space (or really cold).  I am very bad about this.
  • If vacationing in the same house with other non-allergy family or friends, lay down the law as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.  Be nice about it and hopefully no one will mind.
  • In addition to vacationing with others, when preparing food, be sure to watch for cross-contamination.  For example, if peanut butter is allowed but your allergy child has a peanut allergy, make sure the same knife used for the peanut butter isn’t then used in the jelly jar.  For a dairy allergy, be sure to keep a close eye on not switching cow’s milk and non-dairy milk (this is close to my heart since it happened in my own allergy home).  If needed, bring food coloring along to alleviate any problems.
  • Make sure others know what allergy-specific food you brought from home or bought at the grocery store so that it is kept separate.
  • As soon as you get to your destination, be sure to know the route to the nearest medical facility, preferably ER.  (This is something good to know during the vacation preparation stage.)
  • Finally, be on your toes, but enjoy yourself, your family and your friends.  Enjoy being away from the hectic days of work, school and daily household chores.

Family Vacation, 2006

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