Roast Chicken How-To & Our Food Allergy Meal Plan

Whole Foods had their whole chickens on sale for $1.29/lb. last Friday.  I picked up the maximum allotted 10 chickens.  I fixed 2 for dinner that night and seasoned them nicely with a blend of basic spices.  The problem: While the meat was moist and tender from cooking in a low temp oven with skin on, it didn’t have much flavor (The skin had flavor, but I don’t usually eat the skin.).  I don’t want this to happen with the remaining 8 chickens.

I need your help.  How do you cook whole chickens to get the nice moist and tender texture, but also get a good punch of flavor? Do you pull back the skin, season the meat, then replace the skin? Or do you remove most of the skin before seasoning/cooking instead?  Lend me your ideas!


Our Food Allergy Meal Plan for the week of November 13, 2011

Sunday:  Mexican Chicken & Rice (w/ leftover roasted chicken)

Monday:  Country-Style BBQ Ribs, Cooked Cabbage, Apple Sauce

Tuesday:  Pizza Rice Skillet, Salad

Wednesday:  Roasted Chicken (based on reader feedback), Best Broccoli (This menu might be adjusted since I’ll be on an all-day field trip with my daughter’s class to 3 cathedrals.)

Thursday:  Roasted Autumn Salad (Gracelaced is one of the personal blogs I follow everyday.)

Friday:  Hamburgers, Crash Hot Potatoes

Saturday:  Refrigerator Round-up

Dessert:  The Willing Cook-A-Long new recipe challenge, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (I made these on Monday night with whole wheat flour and they are to die for! I probably gained 5 pounds. Check out the Cook-A-Long on Friday to see my changes as well as an attempt at a gluten-free version.)

I’d love to hear what your meal plan is for the week! Leave a comment telling us some of the dishes you’re having this week or link back to your blog.

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12 Responses to Roast Chicken How-To & Our Food Allergy Meal Plan

  1. Celeste Peterson says:

    My preferrence is the Italian way: Rosto pollo! onions and garlic tossed in olive oil little salt and pepper and rosemary, then the cavety is jam packed with it. I even stand it up on end and make sure this stuffing is getting as far in and almost out the other end as possible. Then I do pull back the skin and rosemary goes right up against the meat. Lastly a good rubdown of the outside with olive oil, and lavishly, (and I mean don’t hold back) salt the outside. Coupled with a good glass of white wine and crusty bread, it’s guaranteed to have you dancing the tarrantella!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I leave the skin on, rub with butter or coat with melted butter and herbs. Cut a lemon and stuff it inside. Yummy crispy skin. This is hoe I always do it. The moisture in the meat comes from fat, if you don’t want the fat you will have dry meat. I tried a trick I read for turkey once and it worked ok, but it’s labor intensive. Put cheesecloth over the breast and baste with broth and the juices every 15 minutes. Take cloth off near the end so skin can crisp some.

    • Cook says:

      I agree, you have to keep the skin on to achieve a moist bird. I think what I need to do is stuff the cavity and season under the skin as well as on top. The only problem I have with stuffing the cavity is that my family (not me) loves the innards. I’ll just have to stuff really well. Thanks for the input!

  3. Nicole says:

    I do the above too but when I serve I pour the juice all over the chickens! I. So bummed I missed that deal. Was going to go in the morning but it didn’t open til 9.

    • Cook says:

      I do the juice too, but this last round just didn’t have a punch of flavor. Sorry you missed this deal. I missed the whole organic chicken deal earlier in the year.

  4. Hi Michelle, Thanks for linking up my Pizza Rice! I hope you enjoy it. I prefer cooking my chickens in the crockpot. I do pull the skin away from the breast and pour/rub some seasoning in their. I have several whole chicken recipes but my favorite is this one It is the most popular recipe on my blog. Hope that helps!

    • Cook says:

      Thanks for the recipe(s), Nancy. I can’t wait to try the Pizza Rice. I definitely want to try your chicken recipe too.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  5. I appreciate seeing the feedback on how to cook a whole chicken. I’m never quite sure how to do it either, but I love doing it so that I can then make broth with the leftovers! By the way, I make broccoli in a very similar way to the “Best Broccoli” but without the parmesan cheese… it always gets rave reviews- My only problem is that I can never seem to make enough!!

    • Cook says:

      The “Best Broccoli” is a new recipe for me, so I’m looking forward to making it. I won’t be using the parmesian cheese though because we have a dairy allergy in our home. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Heather says:

    I wanted to let you know, I cooked the turkey this year and tried something new. I baked it covered and upside down (breast down) for all but the last hour or so. Then flipped over and uncovered. It was very juicy and still browned nicely. I’ll have to figure out how to extrapolate the cooking time from a 13 to a 3 pound bird and try with chicken. Not sure the time will allow the same crispy skin…hmmmm.

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