Picnic Allergy Precautions

Since many people will be enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend by grilling out or taking picnics, I want to lay out a few precautions for food allergy sufferers.

Fun in the Sun!

(This list is probably obvious for you veteran food allergy people, but there are some new readers who are just learning the ropes.)

  1. Always be prepared for what food will be provided.  Pack your own, if in doubt.
  2. If you are providing food, make it both allergy-friendly and delicious for non-allergy people.  You can find a number of recipes here.  The salsa is always a crowd-pleaser.
  3. Watch the grill.  Is there the possibility of cross-contamination from cheese on burgers?
  4. Check the ingredients on any prepackaged/marinated hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, etc.
  5. Check the ingredients on buns — some contain milk.
  6. Watch the use of utensils in the various dishes — that one spoon isn’t used in the potato salad (egg allergy) than used in the baked beans (generally, allergy-friendly).
  7. Don’t assume things will be fine.  Be on top of your game to avoid any party-downers.
  8. Have fun!!  Try not to be overly paranoid…just be alert and wise.

Are there any precautions that I have missed here?  Please add in the comments.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend remembering those who have gone before or paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

Remember, there will not be a new post on Monday.  See you back on Tuesday with “Pantry Staples.”

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2 Responses to Picnic Allergy Precautions

  1. Kim says:

    With our son, who has a severe peanut allergy, we always remind the host/hostess about that allergy and be certain to include disinfectant wipes for surfaces and hand sanitizer as staples.

    • Cook says:

      Thanks for your comment, Kim. It is always a good idea to remind your hostess about your allergy needs, especially those that are severe like peanut.

      Thanks for adding to the list of having wipes and hand sanitizer. If you are in someone’s home, I have read that wiping down surfaces with soap/water or all-purpose cleaner do a good job of cleaning up allergens. You just have to be careful with the cloth you are using to make sure you’re not just smearing it around.

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