Our Allergy Home Meal Plan 4.22.12

I’m trying out a new way to get my allergy-friendly meal plan out there to all of you.  There are a number of websites that host meal plan link-ups, but they are always before I get around to posting it.  Furthermore, our weekends are always packed with busyness that I’d like a little extra time to spend on my more in-depth posts, like the Life with Food Allergies series, that have always gone up on Mondays.  So, I’m going to swap the Monday and Tuesday schedule for a few weeks to see if that works better for all.  I’ll continue to give a little extra cooking, budget, or homemaking tip with the meal plan if there is something I want to share.  We’ll see how that all goes in the weeks to come.

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Our Sunday Feast


Our Food Allergy Meal Plan for the Week of April 22, 2012

Sunday:  Grilled Steak, Baked Homemade Chicken Fingers (garlic, bbq, buffalo), Steamed Vegetables, Pan-Fried Potatoes

Monday:  Jap Chae

Tuesday:  Sweetened Clove HamMashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter Sauce

Wednesday:  Italian Sausage Rice Bowl

Thursday:  Potato Nachos

Friday:  Black Bean Soup

Saturday:  Refrigerator Round-up (leftovers)

New Recipe Experiment:  Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?

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