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You have read over the past three weeks about how our home became an “allergy home.”  (If you missed the history posts, you can read them all here.)

Do you wonder how having a husband and son who live with food allergies make me an expert on food allergies? Well, it doesn’t (make me an expert, that is). So, why have a website about living with food allergies? Good question!

Honestly, I think a website that is primarily geared to the everyday living with food allergies is needed.  Moreover, a website that intertwines food allergies with the push for a frugal lifestyle, either by choice or necessity, is quite uncommon.

I have been living this lifestyle for several years and have learned a number of things along this journey (and I will continue to do so).  I have found myself to be the receiver of questions through the years related to food allergies and budgeting, so I thought perhaps there were many people out there who had questions in need of answers.

But, I do not pretend to have all the answers.  I do not pretend to do it all right.  In fact, I live my life daily by the grace of God.

Given the need(s) I see that exist for a “frugal-living food allergy” website, here are my goals for The Willing Cook:

The big picture…

  1. From the very beginning stages of this business venture, I have wanted this website to be focused on service, that is, serving others.  I was so thrilled when the domain name “The Willing Cook” was available because it said exactly what I was trying to convey (more on this in a few weeks).  Picture outstretched hands ready to serve another.  You have to be willing to make sacrifices; to be willing to serve another for their good, not your own (if you aren’t the one with the food allergies).
  2. If you’re serving others, who better to serve than your loved-ones and friends? People who live with food allergies are always looking for new resources, new recipes, new approaches.  You can serve another by simply sharing this website with someone in need.  Or you can serve by employing some of the budget and cooking tips or recipes for your own allergy (or non-allergy) family.  You may find in return that you have blessed someone more than you know through your service.

The day-to-day:

  1. Provide food allergy and health information found in our world, ranging from the medical and research fields to living it out in our families and communities.
  2. Provide budget and cooking tips for those living with food allergies who also seek to do so on a budget.  (This does not exclude non-food allergy people.  Everyone can learn from these tips.)
  3. Provide honest insight into “our allergy home” as we live it daily.
  4. Provide recipes that are always allergy-friendly, but can also be made for people who have no food allergies.
  5. Provide ways to cut your cost and waste.
  6. Answer your questions for how to do live with food allergies to the best of our ability.

I like to write and create, not like crafty create (I am terrible at that), but food and budget create.  I love to think of the chemistry of foods and how flavors meld together.  To take a recipe and reconstruct it so that my allergy family can eat it, and like it.  I love to think of the next way I can save a buck.  We have all been blessed with certain skills and I hope that mine can be used for the good of my family and others.

So really what all of these points come down to is one simple goal for The Willing Cook.

To serve my family and others with the gifts that I have been given for their good and God’s glory.

This encompasses all of life, with and without food allergies, frugal or not.

What do you think? Are there any day-to-day goals that you would like to see regularly addressed here on The Willing Cook? If so, don’t hesitate to mention it.

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