Our Allergy Home: 6-Year Fall Appointment Update

We headed to the allergist last week for my son’s semi-annual allergy appointment.  The intention of this appointment was to do a full environmental panel RAST test and discuss the need for allergy shots.

While none of the results ended with wonderful anaphylactic-free news, there was some progress made and encouraging news.

  1. Tests came back very positive for cats, dogs, ragweed, all grasses, and some trees.  Because he has had a problem-free fall, including no issues with ragweed, coupled with the fact that he’s been on no asthma maintenance medication and only Zyrtec (except for 2 weeks leading up to the appointment with no problem), the doctor suggested that we hold off on allergy shots.  We will reevaluate the need for shots in the spring when the grass and pollen allergens are at their highest.  If we can maintain a comfortable level with medication alone, we may not need shots.  Yahoo!
  2. We did not test for any food allergies this time, although I did request egg.  After being positive for an egg allergy his whole life (not anaphylactic high), he tested negative last fall.  The allergist suggested we give him one egg in baked goods every day.  I was never very consistent with this.  Then he started complaining that it hurt his throat when he ate the baked good.  I decided to back off from it.  Low and behold, in the spring he tested positive for egg again.  Because of this interesting pattern, I requested the test again last week (he was already undergoing a long panel of skin tests anyway).  And, you know what? It was negative, again!!!  The doctor is a bit baffled.  She decided to order a blood test to confirm the negative result (or a false negative), and then to proceed with a food challenge.  (She is also checking the peanut and milk protein levels at the same time for any change.)  So, who knows what is going on with egg.  We should have the results back sometime this week.
  3. Asthma seems to be under control these days.  In fact, this fall is the best he has ever done.  He did a lung capacity test and passed with flying colors.  The doctor said that he no longer needs to be on Flovent (his maintenance medication) and to only have the emergency inhaler available.  This is great news!

So, all around good news for this visit!  It may seem so very small to the non-allergy world, but when you go in for check-ups every 6 months, year after year, and hear no good news…well, this is very encouraging indeed!

I was so proud of my little guy, too.  He did not complain with the poking and prodding and blood drawing.  He was rewarded with a trip to Trader Joe’s and some yummy treats of his choice.  (He chose beef jerky and spiced cider. 🙂 )

So, that’s it for now.  I will update when we get the blood test results back.  And, of course, stay tuned for the next update in 6 months.

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