Grace Laced Mondays: Featuring Brussels Sprout

Did you notice the spelling of Brussels Sprout in the title? I’ve always thought it was “brussel sprouts.”  Nope, it’s “brussels” with an “s” and “sprout” singular when talking of a single head.  Sorry, I get caught up in the details sometimes.

You are probably wondering what in the world Brussels Sprouts have to do with finding grace in the everyday.  Well, it amazes me that our Creator has made the nutrients that we need for our bodies and minds throughout the year.  We are blessed with both summer and winter produce.   (Read this article on winter vegetables.) Are vegetables and fruit grown, then we have to add the nutrients to them? No, of course not.  He has created them to be naturally good for us.  If God so desired, He could have made Brussels Sprouts or Kale or Green Beans as nutritious as rocks, just easier to eat.  But no.  He designed them to meet our needs.  I call that grace, indeed!

Like Kale that we discussed two weeks ago, Brussels Sprouts are a type of cabbage.  They offer a very nice dose of Vitamins A and C, folic acid, and dietary fiber.  They are also believed to protect against colon cancer.   It’s good enough in our home that they not only pack a healthy punch, but are naturally allergy-friendly.

Brussels Sprouts have gotten a bad rap over the years because people just simply don’t know how to prepare them.  They are typically steamed which lets off an unsavoring aroma and result in mushed green.  Yuk!  However, if you prepare them just right, you are in for a wonderful treat.

Admittedly, we did not enjoy Brussels Sprouts until about a year when I discovered this Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Cashews recipe.  We all really enjoy them now and try to put them in the dinner rotation often.  Of course, you can never go wrong with any dish that contains bacon!  Tasty Kitchen seems to have a lot of good recipes for Brussels Sprouts.  I think we’re going to have expand our horizons a little beyond the bacon 🙂

Do you have a favorite way that you prepare Brussels Sprouts?  I’d love to learn some tried and true recipes to expand our Brussels Sprout repertoire.

Grace Laced Mondays

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8 Responses to Grace Laced Mondays: Featuring Brussels Sprout

  1. I love brussels sprout! God really has provided for our nutrition in the foods he created for us!

  2. Jenny says:

    Ooooh we started eating lots of these when I started seeing Brussels Sprout in TJ’s on the stalk. I love to cut each bulb into halves or fourths and place on a baking pan with pieces of raw bacon…drizzle with some olive oil, roast it at 350 until the bacon is at the doneness we like…and seriously my 3 & 5 yr olds ask for more. every. time. i. make. it.

  3. kitblu says:

    I have copied many recipes – raw, baked, roasted – but I have not tried any of them. I halve or quarter them, steam and put them on my plate. I drizzle with toasted sesame oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar. I love hot spicy food but I do not add any spice to the B-sprouts. It must be love.

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  6. Kathleen says:

    1 lb brussels sprouts to 1 cup cream plus salt, pepper, and a little bit of nutmeg. Cook them in a pan till the cream is reduced and the sprouts are done. Yum.

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