From Where I Sit…

We’re all back to better health around here.  It was a pretty grueling week of unhealthiness last week, but now we’re just left with some residual coughs and a few sleepy heads.

Sickness was the reason for the quiet around here last week.  But, from where I sit, the quiet week here was a welcome break.  Hold your boots on because I’m going to possibly ramble a bit today.  Perhaps I’ll use bullets so as to cut down a little.

From Where I Sit…

  • The Willing Cook seems to bless a number of people out there.
  • The Willing Cook can be a daunting task to me many days.
  • The Willing Cook is a source excuse for neglecting my family and home responsibilities.
  • I am the Willing Cook.  There is much more to me than cooking allergy-safe meals for my family.  I have shared tidbits of the “more” here and there.
  • There are more of us in our family without food allergies than there are with food allergies.
  • I have more pictures of food on my camera than kids.  My food photography is terrible.  My kid photography is good no matter what it looks like.
  • I need to make changes so that I can put out the burn out.  (Just being honest with you, dear readers.)
  • While I didn’t enjoy being sick last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the break.  I barely touched a computer for 3 days.

Where do those “bullets” leave me as The Willing Cook? I don’t know.  I’m praying about it.

Things that I do know…

We enjoyed an amazing concert this past weekend, Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken, in a tiny coffee shop.  It was an evening that I had only dreamed to have the pleasure to enjoy.  It was every bit as sweet as I had hoped.  One thing that has stuck with me from the show was an audience question to Derek (it was a 75 seat show with questions, requests, etc.) about what sort of music he listens to.  He didn’t give too many specifics, but he said that the artist has to be true to who they are as an artist.  For those artists seeking stardom, they go with the waves of public opinion.  For those artists who have made it big time, they can take liberties with their stardom and produce music that is in keeping with who they truly are.  And for those artists who are content with where they are, whether in a coffee shop or house show, they can be true to themselves.  He said that is why they like to stick with the small house shows because they have the ability to interact with their fans and remain true to themselves.  Being true to themselves allows them to produce art that they are proud of.  Derek used to be one of the lead singers of Caeman’s Call — he knows pretty big fame.  They are both incredibly talented and could be doing large shows.  But they don’t want to.

So, what does that have to do with the Willing Cook?  I want to be true to who I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been posting a bunch of lies around here :), but I keep it pretty surface-level, with a few peeks in here and there.  I’m sort of tired of working for greater visibility, for more and more readers, for some payouts.  Again, don’t get me wrong, those are good things and things that I welcome – as long as they happen naturally.  However, I fear that there is a fine line between overly seeking those things (by following all the right blogging rules for greater visibility), and just being content with what I have.  And in that contentment, being overjoyed with remaining true to who I am as a person….not a blogger.

So, that is where I sit right now.  I don’t know where I’ll be sitting tomorrow 🙂

Grace Laced Mondays

I am linking up with grace laced mondays, as usual.  In keeping with being true to who I am as a person, the Christ of whom these people speak, is all the audience I should desire.

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7 Responses to From Where I Sit…

  1. I’m not sure exactly what to say except I have the same thoughts. I think it’s so easy to measure our blogging success by fans/followers and analytics that it becomes almost addicting. It’s not so easy to see the success in our family, especially not immediately. Balancing priorities is one of my biggest struggles.

  2. well, i like it here. and i appreciate your sharing. it can be a funny thing sometimes, blogging.
    praying for you to continue to seek HIM for this space, and that you’d be contented.
    enjoy your monday(glad you are feeling better!)


  3. Amber says:

    Thank you for your honesty, Michelle.

    I’m going to be honest too and share it’s fun to see the numbers grow – who doesn’t like that!? But, my blog is a hobby (for fun) and so I don’t have the pressure to make this a full time gig. That being said, I think about the same things because I have a propensity toward your typical “type A” personality and go with things full force, and like Nancy shared, it can become very addicting. I find having a schedule is super helpful and I try not to blog at all on the weekends or check my inbox (I usually do a post on Friday and then schedule it for Sunday night). But blogging certainly isn’t the center of my life, nor do I want it to be. I try to find a balance and always remind myself about what’s important. For me, it’s #1 my family and #2 my health. Blogging will always be there, but playing tag with my kids on a unseasonably warm winter day won’t. These moments pass quickly.

    Just a few of my thoughts. You’re not alone and I admire how you are honest with yourself and readers…and searching for a balance that works!


  4. I think the fact that you are genuinely wrestling with these issues testifies of a life that truly desires to live for the Lord. Your heart is the Lord’s and so it is natural to feel the chaffing of something that may threaten your whole-hearted focus. I know it’s a cross-roads that every blogger faces at some point. Sometimes the Lord calls you to give it up: Sometimes, he simply calls us to manage our time more deliberately and with our priorities correct:

    I will pray that the Lord gives you wisdom, practical understanding, and an uncompromised heart in all things. Hugs to you, friend.

  5. Nelle says:

    You got me thinking! I sometimes don’t blog because I feel I don’t have an audience, even though it’s perhaps the way I best reflect. (Or maybe I’m avoiding deep reflection, lol.) I’ve been thinking about my technology time too, and am wondering if I can schedule it in…perhaps if you had set days you blogged? I’m not sure how I make that work with Facebook…no-one emails anymore, just Facebook! They don’t even call!

  6. Diane Blake Campbell says:

    I was not aware you were struggling so with your responsibilities at home and with this blog. I feel you are being used to help a lot of people who have food allergies and do not know anybody who can personally relate to it like you can. I am sorry I have not given you more support. I will pray the Lord will give you grace, peace and contentment.

  7. Jenny says:

    It’s a good place to be. To evaluate and reassess your priorities. Hoping you get the clarity you seek. 🙂

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