Choosing Gluten-Free Flours & Our Allergy Meal Plan

A friend recently asked me what gluten-free flours I would recommend to a newby.  She is choosing to eat more gluten-free foods, so it’s not out of necessity from an allergy or celiac.  She was in the grocery store when she texted me about being overwhelmed by the prices of gf flours.

Here is her question:

I need to start my gluten free stock pile. We have potato, millet, sweet white, sorghum, brown rice, white rice, coconut, and almond — what should I buy? I want to keep it to 2 or 3.  I know almond is good, but $10!!!! Can I get around not buying that?

Here was my quick response{She was at a pretty pricey store, so I told her that their prices are always more.}:

I’d buy brown rice flour, tapioca flour (potato if they don’t have tapioca), and coconut flour (particularly if eggs are allowed).  If you only want 2, pick the first 2.

My more detailed response when I wasn’t in the car:

Here’s my take: buy Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour from Amazon. Get white rice flour, tapioca or potato from an Asian store.  Coconut Flour from Tropical Traditions.  I’ve actually not broken down to buy almond flour yet because it’s so pricey, but my friend Kelly from The Nourishing Home recommends Honeyville.

Start out easy.  You could also buy a packaged gluten-free flour mix to make it easier to get started, but I don’t recommend doing that for long term.  It is too expensive.

There you have it.  The two gluten-free flours that I recommend to cover most of your gluten-free needs is brown rice flour and tapioca flour. I probably do at least 90% of my gluten-free cooking with those two flour combinations.

I know that cooks vary in their favorite ingredients, including gluten-free flours.

What are you favorite gluten-free flours?


November 25-December 1, 2012

Sunday:  Thanksgiving Lunch at my parent’s church. YUM!!! (And not at all allergy-friendly, so I packed up our leftover Thanksgiving beef tenderloin and green beans for my husband and son.)

Monday:  Leftover Taco Soup

Tuesday:  Crockpot Orange Chicken (I may convert it to stove top)

Wednesday:  Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Sauteed Apples, Lettuce Wedge

Thursday:  Nana in town for Christmas shopping & school program. It’ll be a very busy night, so I’ll whip up something fast or we may have to do take-out…gasp! 🙂

Friday:  Spaghetti (by kid-request)

Saturday:  Christmas Dinner Party

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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4 Responses to Choosing Gluten-Free Flours & Our Allergy Meal Plan

  1. Jessica says:

    I buy my almond flour at Trader Joes. It’s pretty cheap!

    • Cook says:


      How do you use it? I buy the Trader Joe’s kind too, but it’s almond meal and bakes differently than almond flour. Almond flour can be used on its own and works great as a GF flour. Almond Meal is more grainy because it has the “skin” on, so you have to combine it with other gf flours. I’m curious to know how you use the almond meal with success.

  2. Heidi says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve never used brown rice flour. I’ll have to try it. I know it makes great pasta! I love to use almond flour to bread chicken. To me, it gives it a KFC flavor. I just grind my own in the blender. I could never afford to buy it! Thanks for linking up on Gluten-Free Monday at

    • Cook says:

      I just tried brown rice flour a few months back and I can’t believe I did GF cooking without it for so long. I buy almond meal from Trader Joe’s and it’s affordable, but it’s not the same as almond flour. Do you use blanched almonds when making your own flour? I should probably try that method and see how it works for me, although whole almonds are expensive too. Thanks for your input!

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