By Faith Friday: Jesus First Loved Her

I have thought a number of times about dedicating my Friday post to the central core of my life upon which everything else revolves, but I haven’t.  So, I may or may not do this on a regular basis.  It will just depend on what arises in relation to it.  Regardless, here is my first post for By Faith Friday.

You can find me today at a lovely site, Beautifully Rooted, where I talk about being a Princess of the King.  It has absolutely nothing to do with food allergies or anything related to it.  Here is a snippet…

There is another group of God’s chosen, brought from the pits of filth and despair, to bring forth a King, to represent His Church, to minister to Christ’s earthly needs.  Women.  And not just any women.  The social piranha of women – prostitutes, harlots, demon-possessed, adulteresses – filthy, sinful women!

If you so desire, hop on over and read the rest of my post, Jesus First Loved Her at Beautifully Rooted today!

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