Book Winner Announced

Congratulations to Crystal V. on winning a copy of Barrett’s Unusual Ice Cream Party.  Crystal’s reason for wanting this book:

I would love to add this book to our collections. My almost 2 1/2 year old is allergic to wheat, peanuts, milk, and egg sand we are always looking for ways to show him why he can’t have certain foods. Hes a very bright boy, everytime he sees someone eat pizza he says ” blah, ess wheat.” So we have one food down.

You should have received an email from me.  Thank you to all for entering this wonderful giveaway.  I still highly recommend this book as a purchase for your home library, particularly for those families who see food allergies in their own homes or their friends and family around them.  It’s a great book of awareness on food allergies.

If you missed my review, you can go back to it here.  You can purchase Barrett’s Unusual Ice Cream Party directly from my Amazon link below, just click on the book graphic below.

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