Allergy Food Shopping at Kroger

In last Tuesday’s post on where I shop, I said that I do not shop at the health food stores as much as one would think.  I do the majority of my shopping at the convenient and less-pricey local grocery stores.

Today, I will give you a few examples of the foods that I typically buy at Kroger:

  1. We removed cow’s milk and switched to Almond Milk back in the fall when my anaphylactic-to-dairy son accidentally drank cow’s milk.  Kroger typically has either the Silk Almond Milk or Blue Diamond Almond Milk on sale.  Plus, I have had an overabundance of coupons for it lately as well.  I usually do not pay more than $1.99 for a half gallon and likely less.
  2. When on sale, I will buy dairy-free ice cream for my son.  He loves the stuff, but it is so expensive.  I have made homemade sorbet before and it was okay, but he prefers the Rice Dream or Tofutti brands of ice cream.  Kroger will sometimes run a good sale on them.
  3. EnerG egg replacer can be usually be found on sale at Kroger for less than $5.  This is the cheapest I have been able to find it.
  4. Kroger brand Soy Sauce, Lower Sodium.  I really have not found a better price for soy sauce with less sodium than the Kroger brand.  Plus, we don’t go through it very fast because my husband cannot eat soy.
  5. Kroger seems to have the best “manager specials” on meat.  I try to stock up when I can find a good deal and either freeze or cook it right away.

These are just a few examples that I can think of off the top of my head.  The majority of foods that I buy I get at the store who has the best deal.  For us, the benefits of buying at Kroger are two-fold…

  1. By using a reloadable gift card, we get 4% back towards our children’s school tuition.
  2. For every $100 spent in groceries (before coupons!) for the month, I get 10¢ off per gallon of gas (up to $1 off).

The little things can add up.  Also keep in mind that many Kroger stores double coupons up to 50¢ and raise all higher values up to $1.  They will often run deals for items 10 for $10 where you can get products for free.  I have a stockpile of toothpaste right now that I have gotten for free.  They also have e-coupons where you load coupons from their website onto your Shoppers Plus Card.

One more thing that I would like to say about Kroger.  They have a monthly magazine called Delicious Living that is free in the “Natural Food” section of the store.  I have found some very helpful articles and tasty recipes in this monthly periodical.  You should see if your Kroger also carries it.

Are there any allergy-friendly foods that you buy only at Kroger, or Kroger-affiliate store?

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